10-03.space is a multimedia platform which traces the path of society during a year of pandemic, capturing the thoughts, ideas, memories, fears, and hopes which arose and developed during this time, acting as a memento of shared crises. At its center is a work of animation produced using scans of hundreds of hand-sewn face masks created and distributed by the artist during the first lockdown. Taking the form of an online fanzine 10-03.space will be accessible to anyone with an internet connection. It aims to explore new means through which we can experience and present art in accessible and meaningful formats at a time such as this when the possibilities for leaving your home are limited or non-existent. The contents of the fanzine will be organic and updated over time by the artist in response to the constantly changing sets of challenges that we face in everyday life given the current situation.

Commissioned by Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, March 2021